10 Step How To Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

lose weight while breastfeeding

Losing the extra fat varies from person to person with some mothers losing it in the early stages of breastfeeding while others lose while going through the process itself and some even losing the flab after they stop breastfeeding.

Best ways to lose weight while breastfeeding are with right kind of food and doing some exercise. A gradual weight loss of about half a kilo/ week is ideal for mothers who are breastfeeding.

Some tips to help lose weight while breastfeeding are:

Tip 1:  Breastfeeding Mothers Should Snack Wisely

Breastfeeding mothers should eat weight-reducing snacks and should substitute unhealthy weight inducing snacks with healthy options. Snacks made of oatmeal are good for losing weight so are healthy snacks made of wholegrain items. Mothers trying to lose weight should eat fruits or vegetables like baked potatoes for snacks.

Tip 2: Eating Smaller Meals At Shorter Intervals Help

The proven way to lose weight is by eating smaller meals at regular intervals. In the weight loss process it is always ideal to use small plates for eating meals so that the quantity of food intake is less.

Tip 3: They Should Eat Food Slowly And Relaxingly

Breastfeeding mothers should eat their meals while sitting down and should eat their meals relaxingly. They should not eat on a run and should chew their morsels of food properly and slowly, this helps the brain to feel full thus lowering the chances of over-eating.

Tip 4: Go Easy On The Calories

New mothers should eat a balanced natural nutrients diet. They should not eat packaged food labelled low fat or no added sugar as these food items are high on calories and on sugar content.

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Tip 5: Cut Down On Fat Intake

In order to lose weight new mothers should cut down on their fat intake and should eat fat-free products. The meals should be cooked in small amount of oil and white rice should be substituted with brown rice.

Tip 6: Never Buy Food Items While Feeling Hungry

Young mothers should never shop when they are hungry as that way they may buy unnecessary unhealthy food item which will deter the weight loss process.

Tip 7: Exercising More Helps Accelerating The Weight Loss Process

The best and natural way to lose weight is through increasing the amount of exercise. Breastfeeding mothers should start exercising after their babies are at least 1 month old and they should not exercise in empty stomachs.

Tip 8: Keep Calm And Patient

The key for weight loss should be the realization that it takes time to lose weight. The first few days might be frustrating but with persistence mothers can lose their extra pounds.

Tip 9: Preparation Is The Key

Mothers can lose extra weight by keeping a track of their food habits. They should keep their refrigerators full so that there is never a dearth of healthy snacks and chances of unhealthy snacking decreases.

Tip 10: Keep The Motivation Up

The rate of losing weight is different for different people as the body metabolism is different, mothers who want to lose weight while breastfeeding should keep this in mind and should keep their morale high as regular exercise and right diet will help.

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