How Kate Middleton lose weight?

Kate Middleton lose weight

Everyone know Kate Middleton will married Prince William this friday 29th April. I don`t want to tell about her but I want to share information about how she was to lose weight.

I find this information from newsmaker. I think all the information very interesting. So, I copy that and put here to shared.

Weight Loss-‘All part of the Wedding Plan’

During a recent trip to Northern Ireland when a woman in the crowd told Kate to not lose any more weight Kate replied that it was “all part of the wedding plan”. Grace Bowe of Bride Body says that Kate Middleton is just like every other bride in that regard-weight loss does feature in nearly every bride’s wedding preparation plans. So what has Kate done to slim down for her wedding?

The Dukan Diet

The mother of the bride Carole is a big fan of the Dukan diet, a high protein low carb diet that originated in France and so there is a lot of speculation that Kate may be following a similar eating plan to her mother. Eating a diet high in protein is very important to followers of the Dukan diet.

During the first phase of the Dukan diet followers eat only pure protein only and the Dukan program advocates a Pure Protein Day for those on the Dukan diet every Thursday for the rest of their lives! Grace Bowe from Bride Body feels that this particular eating program is unsustainable-especially with a social schedule like Princess Kate’s eating only protein on Thursdays isn’t going to be something that she can keep up her whole life!

Bride Body does however recognise the importance of protein in the diets of brides wanting to lose weight and Bride Body’s own nutritional weight loss programs uses protein powder as a weight loss ingredient as it leaves you feeling longer and keeps hunger pangs away and builds lean muscle mass which increases metabolism. Kate is most likely enjoying a diet high in protein as part of her weight loss strategy, but should be making sure that she is also including other food groups and eating fresh fruit and vegetables.

‘An Hour a Day’ keeps the kilos away 

Kate loves exercise and works out for an hour every day. She uses the private gym facilities that Prince William reportedly ordered to be installed at Clarence House in 2008 for Kate to be able to exercise in away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. She is also a member at Diana’s old gym the Harbour Club in Chelsea, which has a memorial sculpture dedicated to Diana installed at its entrance.

While memberships at the Harbour Club cost $3,500 a year Bride Body’s Grace Bowe wants to reassure other brides they needn’t worry about such prohibitive costs if they are wanting to start an exercise program to tone up for their own wedding. Simple toning exercises can be performed in your own home-sit ups, push ups, tricep dips, squats and lunges can all be performed for free in your own home while watching TV. Bride

Body even suggests that brides in training can even do some squats in front of their TV’s watching Kate’s enviable figure walk down the aisle on Friday. Watching Kate will no doubt give every other bride out there some extra motivation in their own weight loss goals to work towards getting the body they’ve always wanted in time for their wedding.

Credit to Newsmaker and Bride Body.

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