What Is Healthy Rate Of Weight Loss Per Week?

healthy rate of weight loss per weekObesity is almost like an epidemic in the country. And, the unfortunate situation is that people who find themselves obese always seek ways to shed those pounds as fast as possible. They forget the fact that bodyweight does not go overboard within one day. It happens gradually because of years of unhealthy dining habits and an inactive lifestyle. Quite naturally, there exists no shortcut to lose those unwanted pounds within a day or two.

You may find fad diets and programs promising rapid weight loss. But, most of them are going to do you more harm than good.

Healthy rate of weight loss per week

These insights may come up with the question; how much weight loss is healthy? The answer depends on your physical condition. However, the generally recommended limit is two pounds a week. This advice is for an averagely healthy person capable of reducing up to 500 calories a day from the daily meal plan. The most reliable source of information in this regard is your general practitioner. Let the doctor evaluate your health and recommend a limit accordingly.

Best diet for losing weight fast

This does not mean that you have no choice, but to wait patiently to reach your goal. There are numerous healthy ways to lose weight fast. But, these are generally advised as temporary solutions. Do not stick to a diet that claims to help you lose weight rapidly. They tend to either be extremely low-calorie or low-carb meal plans. Both are disastrous for your health in the long run.

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The following are some safe and quick weight loss tips you can try to appear fit for an auspicious occasion.

1.       Begin with small changes

Experiences teach that weight loss does not have to be a great sacrifice. Even the small changes towards a healthy lifestyle will produce great results. Try replacing one or two of your unhealthy favorite food items with their healthy alternatives. The attempt is not going to be an easy one; start small. You are sure to succeed within one or two days.

2.       Exercise three times a week

You don’t have to exercise on a daily basis to lose weight fast. Just try lifting weights three times a week. Visit the gym. If you are a beginner, request recommendations from a senior member or the trainer there. If it appears impractical, enjoy something you love doing. Biking for a few hours, swimming or walking; everything will count towards your safe and quick weight loss efforts.

3.       Include green tea in your meal

Green tea contains an anti-oxidant capable of boosting your metabolism. In fact, research shows that you can lose up to 70 calories within twenty-four hours of having this miracle drink. See to it that you are getting the pure extract from a reliable supplier.

You should also avoid empty calorie-fluids like soda. Know that your body does not treat the calorie you get from a food item and that you gain from your drinks.

Combine these with a good night’s sleep. You will notice that your weight loss rate stays at par with that of any of the fad diets can promise.


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